With the warm days of summer already in progress, you won’t want to be caught with an outdated air conditioner that provides spotty service, and which is probably costing you considerably more on your utility bills than it should. If your air conditioner or heat pump is 10 years old or more, replacing it with a more modern unit can be extremely advantageous for you, in terms of both performance and the energy savings you’ll realize.
A modern high-efficiency air conditioner can provide you with very reliable performance while costing you less on your monthly utility bill than you currently pay. If you’re even thinking about new air conditioning in Richland, WA, your best bet is to contact the experts at Refrigeration Plus LLC to learn about options like ductless air conditioning and high-efficiency A/C in Richland, WA.

Repairs, maintenance, and new installation

Air conditioning tune-upOur HVAC technicians have all been highly trained, and are well-qualified to conduct repairs on just about every kind of air-conditioning equipment in use today, and you won’t find friendlier, more professional service anywhere in the area. Once our repair specialist arrives on the scene, he/she will carry out a thorough diagnosis of the situation, discuss options for repair or replacement with you, and then implement the agreed-upon service plan to your satisfaction.
If you are not the kind of person who enjoys doing household tasks and projects, maintenance to your air-conditioning system is also something you may not be interested in doing. Our maintenance specialists can ensure that your cooling agent is sufficiently supplied, that all air filters are clean and functioning efficiently and that there are no blockages in any of the piping in the system. Maintenance is often overlooked in cooling systems, and yet regular maintenance is essential for optimizing performance, for identifying potential problems before they get worse, and for ensuring that you get the longest life out of your air-conditioning unit.
When it comes time to replace your existing air-conditioning system, our specialists can discuss the best options for your household circumstances, and then size it appropriately to make sure the new unit is not too big or too small for the home. You can then count on expert installation according to the manufacturer’s specifications so that your new cooling unit performs as it was originally intended to.

Contact Refrigeration Plus LLC

Regardless of what kind of air conditioning service you may need at your Richland, WA home, we can provide that service via one of our expert HVAC professionals. Contact us at Refrigeration Plus, and learn about all the options you may have for a new installation, for cooling system repairs, and for maintenance agreements which take the onus off your shoulders and put it into the hands of the experts.