Refresh Reme Halo Air Purifier

The Refresh Halo In-duct Air Purifier is the first unit of its kind which has been designed to completely do away with the risks for Sick Building Syndrome, and it accomplishes this by reducing or eliminating air pollutants and odors which degrade indoor air quality. This cutting-edge air purifier has the ability to sanitize all air produced by your central air-conditioning system, making it a truly next-generation indoor air quality device.

Functionally, it mimics nature’s own processes of air purification, so that it has the overall effect of creating indoor air which has all the freshness and vitality of the outdoors. No matter which kind of air pollutants might be prevalent in your area, the Refresh Reme Halo In-duct Air Purifier will be extremely effective against filtering them out of your breathable air. Gases, microbial, and particulates will all be effectively eliminated from your indoor air supply, thus purging dander, dust, spores, and pollen, which might otherwise impact the health of indoor occupants.

Anyone in your household or workplace who has some type of respiratory issue will experience much-improved comfort levels, with all the harmful and bothersome allergens filtered out of the breathable air. The Reme Halo In-duct Air Purifier has been extensively tested on all of the most common airborne viruses and bacteria and found to be extremely effective. You can also expect all common household odors such as diapers, dirty socks, cooking odors, and mustiness from specific rooms, to become things of the past, with no place in your modern Reme Halo household.

Operational characteristics

The patent-pending technology called ‘reflective electromagnetic energy’ is what makes the Reme Halo In-duct Air Purifier so effective at eliminating odors and pollutants. After installing the purifier into the supply plenum of your existing ductwork, hydro-peroxide plasma can be produced and distributed by the air handler, all throughout the network of ducts, and ultimately into the living areas of the household or workplace.

Hydro-peroxide plasma is a naturally-occurring substance found in the atmosphere of Earth and is part of nature’s own air purification process. This active strategy is much different than what is typically used by passive air technologies, which require pollutants to pass through them before being filtered. The Reme Halo Air Purifier actually penetrates actively all throughout your home and is intended to track down odors and pollutants right at their sources. The role played by the charged plasma is to encourage coagulation by particles and pollutants, so that they are much bigger and can be trapped more easily by filters.

Benefits provided by your Reme Halo Air Purifier

There are a number of truly extraordinary benefits provided by the Reme Halo Air Purifier which make it the most advanced purification system of its kind. Here are some of its most outstanding features:

  • capable of eliminating 99% of all viruses clinging to household surfaces
  • also capable of killing 99% of all viruses, molds, and bacteria in the household
  • airborne particulates are drastically reduced by its dual ionizers
  • germs released by sneezing are 99% reduced within 3 feet of the initial sneeze
  • provides whole building purification, rather than room-specific effectiveness
  • easy integration with any existing heating or cooling system
  • small footprint which does not take up excessive space
  • noiseless operation
  • a quick-release mechanism which allows for easy replacement without the use of tools
  • adjustable shroud which facilitates adjustment of the output of advanced oxidation plasma.

A truly remarkable, cutting-edge technology, the Reme Halo Air Purifier will provide your home or office place with a higher level of comfort, by enhancing indoor air quality. Residents and office managers in the region around Kennewick and Richland, WA, are encouraged to contact Refrigeration Plus, LLC with any inquiries about this modern air purification marvel.