Daikin Emura Ductless Heating and Cooling

Daikin Emura ductless indoor units with two different colors silver whiteDaikin Emura ductless systems have taken heating and cooling to the next level in combining form and function to provide the best performance, as well as an optimal aesthetic appeal for your home. While there may be a few other systems which can provide comparable energy efficiency, Daikin stands alone with incorporating high performance, maximum energy efficiency, quiet and unobtrusive operation, and ease of coordination with interior decor.

The days of noisy air conditioning or heating units which deliver conditioned air throughout the household via inefficient ductwork can be a thing of the past for anyone in the region around Kennewick, Prosser, Pasco, and Richland, who wishes to modernize their home’s heating and cooling operation. Refrigeration Plus, LLC is a professional air conditioning and heating contractor, and proud dealer of Daikin Emura products, because they deliver the kind of quality and cutting-edge performance that we like to associate ourselves with as a company.

Energy Efficiency Advantages

Ductless Emura heat pump and indoor unitSeasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a measure of the total heating and cooling output of a system, compared to the energy it uses to deliver that heating or cooling. The measurement applies to a whole season of operation, and if your system can deliver 15 times more heating and cooling than the amount of energy it uses, its SEER rating would be 15. Daikin Emura heating and cooling systems provide energy efficiency up to 18.9 SEER ratings, to keep your household optimally warmed or cooled while keeping utility bills under control.

Noiseless Operation

Anyone who has had to endure the sudden startup of an air conditioner or heating unit, and the attendant noise it generates, will appreciate the almost noiseless operation of a Daikin Emura system. You won’t have to keep adjusting the volume on your television set to drown out the HVAC operation when you have Daikin Emura ductless air conditioning installed. At 21 dBA, a Daikin is literally quieter than a whisper, which is rated at 30 dBA.

Ductless Benefit

New ductless heating or cooling systems are ideal for homes which have not yet had ductwork installed, and just as beneficial for those which could use an upgrade to the best ductless heating and cooling system available. With no ducts delivering conditioned air, there is no possibility of duct leakage or obstructions, which can significantly degrade efficiency. Ducted systems also take up a lot of space in the home, whereas ductless systems take up no extra space to deliver conditioned air.

Interior Decor

Anyone visiting your home won’t even be able to identify your Daikin Emura indoor unit, installed on a ceiling, wall, or floor, because the units have such an inconspicuously modern look, that they appear to be part of the interior decor. The designer styling of Daikin Emura interior units allows them to blend in with the surrounding environment, rather than stand out as any kind of appliance.

Ease of Control

A backlit wireless controller is standard with Daikin Emura systems, which makes it very easy for you to start, stop, or adjust settings from wherever you happen to be in the home. You can even control the system remotely when making use of the Daikin Comfort Control App, so if you’re away from home, you can start or stop the system without even being physically nearby. You can choose from Econo Mode, Comfort Mode, or Powerful Operation Mode to suit your preferences so that any kind of exterior conditions can be accommodated.