96% Efficient Goodman Gas Furnaces

Refrigeration Plus LLC has competent professionals that use the latest heat loss and design programs to help you with the installation of a new high-efficiency furnace. These furnaces are very low on repair and service needed because Goodman is the Cadillac line of heaters. These furnaces return so much heat into your home from the gas they burn that the furnace does not require the traditional metal venting lower efficiency furnaces need. These furnaces use a PVC pipe, a type of plastic pipe, that can be vented out the side of the house. It is amazing how much heat is extracted from these furnaces. That technology gives your home a nice, clean and warm comfort that you can only get from this type of furnace. Your comfortability that you enjoy in your home is made even better with the knowledge that you are saving money while your home is being heated.

Goodman Furnace Warranties

The warranties for Goodman furnaces are the best in the industry. They have a ten years parts warranty, and that’s where they leave the other furnace manufacturers behind. Goodman heat exchangers are warranted for as long as you own your home. And if the heat exchangers should ever fail, you will get a new furnace to replace your old one. Goodman is virtually the last furnace you will ever buy. So call Refrigeration Plus LLC and ask that they show you the fantastic advantages of having a new gas furnace installed in your home.

80% Efficient Goodman Furnaces

An 80% gas furnace, installed by Refrigeration Plus LLC, your Richland, Washington heating contractor, will provide you with clean, safe heating for your home. These furnaces, as with all heaters, require very little maintenance to keep them in good running condition. As with any furnace, Refrigeration Plus LLC suggests that you make sure to change or clean your furnace filters at least once every three months. Every two months is even better. Dirty filters can contribute to more dust in the air of your home and can cause the furnace to overheat during use; this may lead you to require furnace service. Although 80% furnaces cost less money for the installation of the gas furnace, they do have a few drawbacks that you may want to think about before authorizing the new furnace installation for your home. They are noisy because the furnace has louvers to allow air to enter the heater to enable the gas to burn. 80% gas furnaces also require a vent to be installed that has to go through the roof at the top of the house.

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