Heat Pump Installation, Heat Pump Replacement in Richland, WA

One of the most convenient and cost-effective methods of heating your home is by using a heat pump. Not only are today’s energy-efficient heat pumps extremely good at providing low-cost heating to a residence, but they have the added benefit of being convertible into a cooling system when the warm weather comes.

There could hardly be a less expensive way of providing all the warmth and air-conditioning needed in a household than by accomplishing it all with a single HVAC unit. If you’ve been thinking about a heat pump installation or a heat pump replacement anywhere around the region of Richland, Pasco, Prosser, or Kennewick, WA, you should contact Refrigeration Plus, LLC for your new heat pump install.

Leave it to the professionals.

One of the main reasons that heat pumps or any other kind of HVAC units do not perform up to the manufacturer’s specifications is that they weren’t properly installed in the first place. This would not happen with a professional who specializes in new heat pump installs or in performing repairs and maintenance on existing units. These kinds of professionals have been trained thoroughly in the execution of their jobs, and have years of experience behind them before they go out on residential or commercial calls for maintenance or installation.

You might have already known that poor installation was a chief cause of issues with heating and cooling systems, but did you know that there’s more to an installation than just connecting the unit to a power source? In fact, one component of installation is responsible for more mishaps than any other, and that’s the incorrect sizing of a unit.

If the installed unit is too small for the requirements of a household, it will be running constantly and cannot achieve the kind of energy efficiency it was designed for. If the unit is sized too big for a household, it will be constantly shutting off and starting up, because it doesn’t need to stay in operation for any length of time. Whether a unit is over-sized or under-sized, it will simply never operate smoothly after being installed, and will undoubtedly become a source of frustration to a new owner.

When replacement is necessary

While heat pumps are extremely reliable units that tend to have long shelf lives, even heat pumps eventually wear out and begin to lose efficiency. When this happens, you may notice that your monthly energy bills begin to climb, because the unit is working harder to achieve the same kind of efficiency it once had. You should be especially vigilant about how well your heat pump is performing after about 12 years or so because that’s when a system normally begins to lose a little bit in the way of performance.

Keep in mind that replacement is not such a bad thing. Yes, it does mean that you’ll incur the expense of a newer system for your heat pump installation, but on the positive side of the issue, you’ll probably regain a lot in terms of the energy efficiency of a newer unit. This is especially true if you elect to buy one of the higher rated heat pump systems, which are extremely energy efficient.

To find out what your options are for heat pump replacement or for a new heat pump install, contact Refrigeration Plus, LLC of Richland, WA.